Participation & Children’s Rights Training

Young people can make excellent co-facilitators of training days and staff development workshops.

Our health champions have contributed to Mind Out training, Mental Health Act training, Anxiety & Low Mood training, and Care Planning.

Young people co-deliver our Participation & Children’s Rights Training which we deliver 3 times a year.

All new staff with Sirona and AWP are encouraged to attend this training and work with others to put shared values into practice.

The aims of the training are:

To understand the role of Barnardo's HYPE service. 

To experience the impact of young people’s involvement.

To understand what participation is and to understand its history in Children’s Rights.

To understand young people’s agenda for change within CCHP and how it is being progressed.

"I'm glad I came I found it very insightful and picked up new methods of inclusivity."

"I now understand what is meant by participation and have loads of ideas to try out."

"It's made me consider more how to ensure we hear the voice of children young people and their parents carers."

"I have been inspired to remember why participation is so important so that our service includes and is accessible for everyone."

If you would like to attend participation and children’s rights training or if you would like to talk to us about involving young people in your training program please contact us.

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