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On February 9th 2023 Barnardo’s HYPE supported four Young People from Broadoak Academy to present their research and ideas to improve awareness and access to wellbeing and mental health services through their school. They presented to the Principle, Vice Principal, school nurse and Careers and Aspirations Coordinator.


The young people used data from a questionnaire filled in by 209 of their fellow students. This information was used to explore the students’ thoughts about how they found support in school and what they thought were the priorities that they needed support for.


The findings concluded that young people particularly value support from their friends.  We talked  about how school can both support friendships and protect young people from feeling overwhelmed.


It was found that the online services of Chat Health and Kooth are not well known by students, so more publicizing of these services through school could benefit students and the students felt having a named teacher they can trust was very beneficial.


“It’s about building trust with school staff – having the same tutor throughout” said Elisa one of the young people.


Academic stress was a top issue throughout the student body and the Principle of Broadoak, Mr McGilloway welcomed the idea of increasing homework gradually so that expectations in year 10 and 11 feel more manageable.


The presentation and discussion session ended with thanks and congratulations from the staff team to the students for their hard work and inspiring observations. And that they intend that the data that was presented can further be used to think about how to develop and promote the communication about the different supports that are available to students in school and to tailor it to the students presenting needs.

Broadoak School


New film from Holly


Holly has been working as a health champion for HYPE for two years now. Previously she has been part of a group that designed the CAMHS website. Holly also enjoys being part of recruitment panels and campaigning for the Health Manifesto. Recently Holly has made this film to reassure other young people that CAMHS can be helpful and can make a difference. We made the film in some woods in Bristol on a sunny Autumn day and were accompanied by Trixie the dog.

Health Champion Holly Howard's stand out speech

On the 29th March 2022, Health Champion Holly Howard gave a standout presentation to the BNNSG i-THRIVE Conference. Holly was invited to demonstrate co-design of CAMHS website by presenting alongside CAMHS manager Pete Spavin.


Though Holly had not presented to an audience like this before she was confident, persuasive and determined to share how important the Young People’s Health Manifesto was for her and other young people.

Holly told the audience of over 150 mental health professionals that as a young person who has used these services for periods of her life she was inspired by the belief that every young person deserved the appropriate care whenever and in whatever form it takes.

Holly reminded her audience of school mental health practitioners, school support staff and school nurses of the importance of respecting young people’s rights and confidentiality.

"Making sure young people understand what confidentiality is, and when it might be broken is essential before young people begin any work with healthcare professionals. When confidentiality must be breached, working with the young person to share the sensitive information helps to save a therapeutic relationship that may otherwise be ruined. When you get it wrong, you lose young people's trust.

I know many young people who have felt betrayed by their health care professionals, and as a result have stopped seeking help which can be detrimental. The damage done can last till adulthood."

The conference organizer said Holly’s speech had been a highlight and many of the attendees fedback to Holly on her confidence and conviction.

Well Done Holly!

Congratulations to our Lived Experience Champions for winning a Barnardo's Excellence Award!


Four young people from Bristol have been awarded Barnardo’s Excellence Award for their work championing the health needs of care leavers.

Over the past year they have consulted their peers to look at ways to improve primary health services and mental health services.


In their report young people talk about;

  • Experiences of stigma

  • The service gap at age 18

The benefits to mental health of;

  • Social prescribing

  • Positive activities

  • Peer support 


They presented their report to local health providers, Bristol City Council, the board of the CCG and have been part of a national pilot.

We are really proud of their hard work and the report they produced.


These are the two young people who contributed to the report accepting their awards

Stacey and Dan

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