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Training for Health Professionals

Participation and Children's Rights Training

Next Date: Wednesday 15th March 2023


Young people co-deliver our Participation & Children’s Rights Training. All new staff with Sirona and AWP are encouraged to attend this training and work with others to put shared values into practice.

​The aims of the training are:​

To understand the role of Barnardo's HYPE service. 

To experience the impact of young people’s involvement.

To understand what participation is and to understand its history in Children’s Rights.

To understand young people’s agenda for change within CCHP and how it is being progressed.


"I'm glad I came I found it very insightful and picked up new methods of inclusivity."

"I now understand what is meant by participation and have loads of ideas to try out."

"It's made me consider more how to ensure we hear the voice of children young people and their parents carers."

"I have been inspired to remember why participation is so important so that our service includes and is accessible for everyone."

Barriers to Access Training
Black and Brown Families

Next Date: TBC

Autism Independence a Bristol based charity working to transform the lives of children with Autism. Their workshop provides lived experience of the experiences of black and brown families accessing services

Autism Independence made the film 'Yusuf can't talk' which gives an initial insight. Watch it here.


"Really interesting data and hearing/listening to thoughts and perspectives of young people and parents from Black and Brown communities."


"Really thought provoking and lots to take away in terms of small changes to make in approaches to role and trying to influence wider service. Really well guided and facilitated discussions.”


“Hearing first hand experiences from Nura and Rebecca and seeing how passionate they are about this topic; made the workshop very engaging.”

Barriers to Access Training

Next Date: TBC


Freedom is Off The Record’s  Gender and Sexuality Social Action Group for 13-25 year olds and will bring you the experience of LGBTQ young people.


“Excellent - welcoming, relaxed, interactive. Accessible. Helpful to have lived experience shared.”

“Certainly more aware of how to support/talk about gender identity with young people. Given me more confidence in approaching young people.”

By the end of the training you will: 


Understand and be able to integrate best practice across multiple settings when supporting LGBTQ+ young people with gender, sexuality and diversity related issues

Empower individuals with the confidence to implement and lead within their community and/or workplace to champion the rights of LGBTQ+ young people

Recognise and reflect upon your own values in order to develop and learn new skills

This training is developed by Freedom, OTR’s LGBTQ+ youth service. Freedom celebrated its 25th year of existence in 2020 and is the longest-running LGBTQ+ youth group in the UK.


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