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Voice and Influence Groups

If you are aged 11-25 and want to join with other young people to campaign for improved health services then join one of our teams of health champions.

You will meet other young people and share your ideas and experiences. You can earn vouchers and online badges by co-producing projects alongside service leaders.


Our groups meet at our base at Junction 3 Library (near the M32) and sometimes online. We often share food and always give time for everyone to get to know each other, to feel welcome and safe.


We invite service leaders to attend some of our meetings. They listen to our views and help us achieve our goals.


Our groups welcome young people from anywhere in Bristol, South Gloucestshire and North Somerset.

If you want to get involved use our contact form (website) or email A member of our team will get in touch to welcome you, answer your questions and introduce you to the group.

Neuro-diversity Group

We meet every 2 weeks on Wednesday evenings


We discuss what being autistic or neurodiverse means to us.


We meet regularly with  NHS managers to improve the support young people receive when they are assessed for autism.

This group is supported
by Bridget

Mental Health Group

We meet every 2 weeks on Tuesday evenings.


We listen and support each other’s experience of using mental health services.


We meet regularly with CAMHS service leaders to improve mental health services for young people.


This group is supported
by Becky


Digital Group

We meet every 3 weeks on Monday evenings


We create reels and films. We aim to launch an Instagram page for Barnardo’s HYPE  in September


We meet regularly with NHS managers to co-design websites and social media.

This group is supported
by Tom

Black and Brown minds matter

We meet regularly online on a Wednesday and hold workshops in person during the school holidays.

This is a safe space for Black & Brown young people to support each other and share their views and experience.

The group meet regularly with NHS managers to reduce health inequality in young people’s mental health services.

This group is supported
by Cenzina

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