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Broadoak School

On February 9th 2023 Barnardo’s HYPE supported four Young People from Broadoak Academy to present their research and ideas to improve awareness and access to wellbeing and mental health services through their school. They presented to the Principle, Vice Principal, school nurse and Careers and Aspirations Coordinator.

The young people used data from a questionnaire filled in by 209 of their fellow students. This information was used to explore the students’ thoughts about how they found support in school and what they thought were the priorities that they needed support for.

The findings concluded that young people particularly value support from their friends. We talked about how school can both support friendships and protect young people from feeling overwhelmed.

It was find that the online services of Chat Health and Kooth are not well known by students, so more publicizing of these services through school could benefit students and the students felt having a named teacher they can trust was very beneficial.

“It’s about building trust with school staff – having the same tutor throughout” said Elisa one of the young people.

Academic stress was a top issue throughout the student body and the Principle of Broadoak, Mr McGilloway welcomed the idea of increasing homework gradually so that expectations in year 10 and 11 feel more manageable.

The presentation and discussion session ended with thanks and congratulations from the staff team to the students for their hard work and inspiring observations. And that they intend that the data that was presented can further be used to think about how to develop and promote the communication about the different supports that are available to students in school and to tailor it to the students presenting needs.

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