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Participation & Children’s Rights Training Returns!

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

It was great to deliver Participation & Children’s Rights Training again in a venue to a real live audience using one of our favourite venues, Junction 3 Library.

The training was offered to our new colleagues in the Vanguard for Integrated Care as well as with Sirona and AWP.

Four young people; Dan, Mel, Bella and Stacey helped prepare the training alongside our UWE student Ruby. We were able to run interactive activities and share food at the end of the training.

We had icebreakers, children’s rights activities and presentations on the Health Manifesto and the Health Offer for Care Experienced Young People.

Ruby said; “We created a friendly and welcoming environment. Everyone was able to participate”

Dan said; “Everyone wanted to learn. It showed how they believed in it and got on board with participation. You could see all the positive thinking. From a Care Experienced point of view it was really powerful to see people listening; taking it on board and trying to do something about it”

The attendees gave us positive feedback including:

“I walked away knowing what HYPE is all about and the message it wants to convey. It covered all the bases.”

“This training has given me motivation to focus on creating healthy relationships with the children I work with.. it has also highlighted the importance of maintaining an ambitious and positive outlook on the future, with service users”

“You have created a comfortable and relaxed space.. there has been a nice combination of activities, discussion, theory, and practice”

“It has been great to participate in face-to-face activities and discussion as I have been working behind a screen for the last 2 years”

Our next training is on 13th July - you can book your place here:

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